Tokyo ’17

Hi friends!
I’ve been MIA once again but this time, it was for a much deserved vacation!
The first week of July, my mom actually came to visit me and we both went to Tokyo together!
It was my first time in Tokyo, as well as mom’s first time in Japan so we were super excited to spend the time together.

I got there a bit earlier than mom so I took the time to figure out the Tokyo Subway map but… be honest. It’s just easier to use Google Maps instead of trying to read the map. Because : KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-07-14-21-56-36_26It’s SO difficult and confusing!

When we got out of the airport and had to make the long, long journey from Narita to Tokyo, there were so many options but they were all so expensive. Some costing as much as around $40 per person. So mom and I opted for the Tokyo Shuttle, which cost only ¥1,000 in cash without a reservation and got to Tokyo Station in around an hour.
I used THIS website for all of the information on how to get the bus.

We also got the PASMO  transport card which we used to get around, instead of buying individual tickets to where we wanted to do.

We stayed at the Hotel Route-Inn in Asagaya but funny thing is, we ended up taking the longer way to the hotel and had to walk in the pouring rain to get there.
Note: If you’re staying at this hotel, get the subway to Minami-Asagaya Station, not Asagaya Station!
The room was SO comfortable and every reservation allows access to their breakfast buffet.

DAY 1: After an amazing breakfast we went to Shibuya so we could see the crossing, as well as shop a bit. First, we went to check out Tower Records and I, being the JJCC fan I am, found their debut album, signed with their original signatures and bought it despite the ridiculously high price.
Honestly, the Shibuya crossing wasn’t as amazing as I expected it to be. It reminded me a bit of the huge crossing we have near Hongik University. Although I imagine the beauty of it is better seen from above.
Also, checked out the LUSH store and picked up a few essentials, which will be reviewed later on! Basically, we just walked around a LOT and tried to take in all the sights, before heading back for a much needed nap.
Later that night, I tried out the Intergalactic bath bomb which was absolute heaven!

DAY 2!
On Day 2 we decided to go over to the Asagaya shrine because mom really wanted to see it. It was SO hot so we had to head back quickly and go find shade somewhere. Afterwards, we visited the Tokyo Government Building to go to the observation deck on the 45th floor to see Tokyo from above. Absolutely beautiful! Apparently on a clear day you could see Mt. Fuji but unfortunately it was way too cloudy to see anything. Later that night we visited Harajuku just so I could say that I’ve been to Harajuku and it was really cool. It has such a relaxed feeling to it, with a lot of street performances. Mom and I went to the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando to see the skyline view and I was really blown away. It actually made me regret not going to Skytree to see it from higher up. But honestly the rooftop bar made up for it a bit. That night, I grabbed some convenience store snacks and just chilled out with another bath bomb.


Final day!
Okay. So I’m not saying I’m obsessed with Yuri on Ice but…..I spent way too long looking at the merchandise at “Animate”, a giant anime merchandise store. I was so upset though because it seemed that most of the YOI merch was random, which was really disappointing because I needed my fix of Yurio things. (I got one!)
After we headed over to Sunshine City which is a HUGE indoor shopping area, since it was getting too hot to stay indoors. It was such a lucky thing that we went because I completely forgot that the Pokemon Center is there! My only complaint? Not enough Jigglypuff things! Then mom and I went to the aquarium where I made a couple friends ^^ Finally that night, we decided to go get dinner at a restaurant we found in the mall, which had really good steaks and grilled meat.


The next morning we packed up all our stuff and made a very sad trip to Narita once again, using the Tokyo Shuttle. I’m not sure which one it was, but we saw the peak of a mountain above the clouds while in the plane!
Looking back, I really miss it a lot and i wish we had more time to explore. There was SO much more I wanted to do and I regret not doing as much as we could have.
But to be honest, since I was with my mom it was okay. As long as she got to see Tokyo I was happy.
Definitely need to go back in the very near future!

Do you have any recommendations for Tokyo?


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