June ’17 Playlist

Back at it again with the June ’17 playlist.

So I’m finally catching up with old blog posts now and I think I’ll always love the playlist posts the most to be honest. I just really love sharing music and if I could burn CDs for you all every month I would.

First up is “우주를 줄게” by 볼빨간 사춘기
(I’ll give you the Universe” by Bolppalgan)
This song has been haunting me for months! I keep hearing it as I passed stores and I couldn’t figure out the lyrics to search it. Until now! It’s such a pretty song and, this is gonna sound cheesy, but it makes me want to fall in love when I listen to it. A really great song to listen to when talking a walk on a morning ^^

Next is another Bolppalgan song with SmuSal called We Loved.(볼빨간사춘기, 스무살)  We Loved(남이 될 수 있을까)This song takes a complete 180 when compared to “I’ll give you the Universe” because it’s heartbreaking and just pure painful, but it’s still really beautiful. It’s a song about the emotions someone feels before a breakup and wondering how you can ever forget the other person. Super painful but it’s definitely been my favourite this month.

BLACKPINK “As If It’s Your Last” (마지막처럼)The girls are back! I’ll be honest, the first time listening to this I wasn’t sure if I liked it but the bridge and chorus is what made this song one of my favourites. It’s just really good! It has such a good “summer” feeling to it and I can imagine listening to this song while at a huge street party.

Jay Park “Me Like Yuh” Another good party song! I listened to this quite a bit last year but for some reason this song came back to me and I remembered just how much I loved it. Another feel good, good energy song that is also a super fun song to dance to. I especially love the Caribbean feel to it even if it makes me miss home a bit

Kes The Band : Endless SummerI’m seeing a trend in my June playlist in that I’ve been mostly listening to older songs. This one from Kes the Band is another favourite. Kes the Band is a band from my home, Trinidad and Tobago and remains one of my favourite local artists. Endless Summer is about just having a good time in Summer and enjoying every day to the fullest. Ironically, in Trinidad and Tobago, it really is an Endless Summer
I want to go back to my little Island, for a bit!

K.A.R.D. “Don’t Recall”I really thought I talked about KARD before! Hands down my favourite KARD song so far. Another really great “summer” feeling song that makes me want to go out dancing. KARD is a new co-ed Korean group and has a really unique concept in that they released project singles before their official debut.

Shawn Mendes “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back”I think it’s safe to say I’m officially a huge fan of Shawn Mendes’ music. I said it before that his voice is so full of feeling and it has such a unique tone. From the second I started listening to it I was hooked and it’s been on repeat for such a long time, even without me even realizing it. I honestly hate karaoke but, I’d actually consider partying with this song. Maybe. 

That’s about it!
This month has been filled with so many upbeat feel good songs and I can only imagine what’s gonna be on my playlist for July.

Till then ^^


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