Tony Moly Perfect Lips Flat Lip Bar Review

Hi everyone!
It’s been ages since I did a product review, hasn’t it?
I usually don’t buy a lot of lip products here since I haven’t found many shades that I really like but one day I got curious and decided to check out Tony Moly.
Then I found these little beauties~

Tony Moly Perfect Lips Flat Lip Bar

They have a total of 8 shades and I chose to get two of them that fit me the best
I got #5 Vintage Coral and #8 Antique Brown


First off the packaging is really clean and simple, and I’m always drawn to this kind of packaging over very graphic patterns.

The Lip Bars themselves feel very light, without having too much of a cheap plastic feel to them.
(I’ve been carrying around “Vintage Coral” with me for the longest time so the tube itself is a bit scratched up, oops)

At 8,000KRW, the colour payoff is REALLY good. I took these swatches over my tattoo to show how pigmented they are.

The shape of the lip bar really helps since it has a slanted point, which helps a lot to get a perfect application. The shape helps it to work as sort of a lip liner as well.

As someone who basically eats off their lip product, the lip bars last pretty long. It’s definitely not as long lasting as a stain or a matte lipstick but it stays in place pretty well.
It’s a really creamy texture so you don’t need lip balm with it. Actually, using lip balm under the lip bars turns this into a creamy lipgloss which is really cool if you want a hint of colour.

My only complaint is because it’s a very creamy formula, it does tend to smudge and move around a lot, and since it’s very pigmented, it stays on your skin a bit if it smudges, so I’ve had to be extra careful when I’m eating or drinking something.

I really wish these were matte or had a less creamy formula because I’m in love with the colours I got. Also, depending on the weather they do tend to melt if it’s really hot outside so be careful about storage. Overall, these are pretty good lip bars if you want a simple quick pop of colour and don’t mind reapplying one in a while. ^^

If you guys have any products you’d like me to review, please feel free to leave me a comment or send a message.

Till next time


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