2017 Recap ( Jan ~ June)

Friends, it’s been forever. How is everyone?
Currently as I’m writing this, it’s raining outside and I can honestly say I’m completely relaxed and in a really peaceful mood right now.
So this month, in a word was eventful. As you may know I’m currently a 4th year student in University so that means the final exams have gotten more intense and I’m currently preparing for my graduation exhibition, which has been stressing me out to the max. Also, about a week and a half ago, I lost my grandfather, who was honestly, and still is one of my biggest supporters and sources of inspiration. So after all this, I really just needed a break and some time off to focus on me.

But now I’m back!
This time I’m just doing a quick recap of the year so far. Can you believe it’s already the end of June? 2017 is going by so quickly.

Let’s see
January : My friend Chelsea was here visiting me (which you can read about here) so were running all over Seoul together and exploring and just catching up. I went to Lotte World with my friends who I  hadn’t seen in months so we could see our favourite group JJCC perform and then spent the night running around inside Lotte World on some of the rides and stuffing our faces with sweets.

The next day I finally saw Kim Jaejoong in concert!

And also got a new tattoo!

February :
February was pretty cool because I did some filming and it was honestly some of the most fun I’ve had on set!  Also filmed two commercials! One was a lot of fun and we got to be in different locations. The second, (which I still haven’t seen yet though) was intense. It required us to be outside for a couple hours filming in minus degree weather and it was super windy. It was really exhausting and I was really wanting to give up but I persevered and pulled through. Definitely a learning experience.

The cats, Coco and Princess got spayed finally so, they got the cones of shame ahahahahaha

March : The end of freedom! I started my new semester at school and, I’ll tell you it was the most difficult yet. I was taking 8 classes, a total of 20 credits and it was really a learning experience. I took some pretty cool classes but others just honestly stressed me out.
BUT I got to go to Fashion Week (and took a cute photo with my boy Simba ) and I finally saw Nam Taehyun perform with his new band, South Club!!!!!

April : Actually, looking back, April wasn’t a very eventful month! I just went to school, hung out with friends and my cats. We actually went to watch a movie with the group JJCC since they were going to the premiere! I also went to the group WINNER’s comeback exhibition which was pretty cool!

May : In May, my friends from Busan came to visit as well as I got to finally meet with some friends from Trinidad, and new friends from Jamaica who are working in Korea and Japan! Also Eddy (also from JJCC) had an event for Rose Day so we went to see him!

June : My birthday month!
Actually, since moving to Korea I haven’t really done much to celebrate my birthday. This year I had elaborate plans to go out of Seoul or go get a new tattoo, but I really didn’t get the time to do it. Instead I went for chicken and beer with my friends!
Then last week I got to see Nam Taehyun again with South Club!

And that’s been my year so far!
A lot has happened now that I think about it, but a lot that really taught me about myself and pushed my limits concerning what I think I can do. Overall, the past 6 months have made me a lot stronger and a lot more confident in myself!

So what’s next?
In July, my mom is coming to visit! I’m meeting her in Tokyo and we’ll spend a few days there then come over to Korea. After that, my friends Yuki and Chelsea are visiting and I’m so excited to see them! I also want to visit Busan. September is just going to be a new semester and lots of work for my graduation exhibition in October. November I really want to go visit some other cities and in December, I’m thinking about going overseas for Christmas, but nothing’s set yet.

So I had a great 6 months so far, let’s see what the next 6 months have in store for me.

How was your 2017 so far?

See you next time ^^


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