10 Things About Me~

Hi everyone!
Firstly I just want to say sorry for being so late on posts lately.
Midterms and finals have been taking all my time away from me and I haven’t really had the proper time to sit down and write a proper post.
So, I just wanted to do a quick “10 things about me” post ^^
Hope you like it!
1) I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago.
I know it’s a really basic fact, but after moving to Korea, I realized that a lot of people didn’t know about my country! Trinidad and Tobago is a small, twin island republic in the Southern part of the chain of Caribbean islands. Right above Venezuela. I lived there with my parents, grandparents and stepsister (with 2 dogs and a cat!) for 21 years of my life before moving here. It’s always warm and sunny, and the beaches and mountains are SO beautiful to visit. It was really nice to be there, now that I think about it. For me personally, it’s a bit too small and can’t see myself moving back there but I would love to go visit again.


2) I’m currently a Visual / Multimedia Design student in Korea

in Oct. 2010 in Trinidad and studied until Feb. 2013, until my HND (Associates) Level, when my University decided not to do the BA programme for a while, due to lack of interest from students. So, instead of waiting around I decided to move to Korea, first to teach English (through the TaLK programme) , then I studied Korean for a year and a half at Sogang University and now I’m enrolled full time as a regular student at a Korean University, in my final year! It’s tough but it’s definitely teaching me a lot about myself.

(My Uni campus is really pretty!)

3) When I was a child, I really wanted to be a Marine Biologist
I always loved the ocean and I’d watch Discovery Channel and Planet Earth documentaries with my parents really often. So I’ve always had this dream to be a Marine Biologist. But…..then I was really bad a both Biology AND Chemistry, only really good at the practical labs, and suddenly decided that the ocean was too scary and chickened out. Even now, I still love the ocean, and while I am really scared about how big and a bit scary it is, I would love to go scuba diving at least once.

4) My favourite hobbies are photography, drawing, crafting and learning Languages
Growing up, my dad would teach me about photography and as a child, I had and old disposable camera, with no film, that i’d go around with pretending to take photos. I think I still have it at home actually, but i think since then I’ve had that interest. My grandfather and father used to develop film at home on their own, and I always wanted to learn but sadly never got the chance to. Otherwise, I’d spend my time drawing characters from tv shows, illustrating my own stories and i even took art classes after Primary School, where I learned about painting.
I also love crafting and making things out of clay. Recently, I’ve been working on a piece for my final graduation Exhibition, and even though it’s not near being finished yet, I’m really proud of it so far.

Languages I think, remains at the top of my hobbies list. Because we’re so close to Venezuela, a lot of channels on TV were in Spanish so I grew up familiar with a lot of words and in school, Spanish was one of my best subjects. I also learned French in school for 3 years, but i was never good at it. Actually, in my French exam, I would accidentally write some things in Spanish because I would always confuse the two.
After that, I started teaching myself German, through lessons online and small phrase books. Even though now I cannot speak German /at all/ I can understand it pretty well, and can write basic phrases.
Around 2010, I started teaching myself Korean and just like German, I only knew basic phrases but when I came to Korea and attended Language School, my Korean proficiency became a lot better and I feel so comfortable communicating in Korean now. It’s become such a big part of me that I even forget words in English, but remember them in Korean!
Right now, I’m studying Japanese. Not intensely, but little by little. I’m nowhere near being good at it but during the Summer vacation I’ll be studying a lot harder!

5) I love tattoos
When I was in secondary school, I started watching Miami Ink on TV and I started loving the art form. I started buying tattoo magazines and practicing drawing and, I actually got my first tattoo at 18 secretly. It’s really not done well, but I have no plans to remove or cover it up since, I documents a lot about me at the time. I got my first proper tattoo in 2013, which is a line from Wake me Up When September Ends by Green Day and it’s to commemorate something with me and my mom. Next was an abstract hummingbird, I drew myself because of my dad, then I have a little pea pod and my newest one is a girl on a mood reaching for some stars. I have plans to get quite a lot more and eventually want a full sleeve on my right arm!

6) I really….really love chicken nuggets.
I know my friends are reading this and probably thinking “of course she would write this” but I really do! I never really had a “favourite favourite food” but I’ve finally found it! Growing up I never ate a lot of fast food but I always loved chicken nuggets from McDonalds! It would be a special treat sometimes as a kid. Actually, only since last year maybe, I realized how much I like the nuggets from Burger King. Seriously, I love them so much.

7) I’m scared of Eggs
Ok, I wouldn’t say I’m scared but I am really hesitant when it comes to them in certain forms. I feel like eggs are really smelly so if I do buy eggs for some reason, I have to wash the outside with a little bit of soap because they’re laid out of a live animal and that’s kinda gross. Also, I get so freaked out if I crack an egg and i touch the yolk or egg whites. I don’t know why! If I think about it, the eggs are basically possible to be a living thing. So the inside of it was a possible baby chicken. So under the right conditions, there could be a chicken inside of it. Like Schrodinger’s cat sort of concept. I know I know it’s not but somehow my brain messed me up. However, I can eat scrambled eggs (if there’s ketchup and pepper sauce on it) or if it’s in soups and baked in things. If it’s in the whole form and I can see the white and yolk then I cannot and will not eat it ㅠㅠ

8) I’m obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas
It’s always been my favourite movie! I loved everything about it as a kid and would draw the characters all the time. I wanted to be Sally SO badly, and I’ve dressed as Sally (or at least the makeup) for 3 Halloweens so far and most likely I will dress as Sally again this year. I’ve started collecting things from the collection and I’ll only buy it if i physically buy it (or I get it as a present) so I usually don’t buy the collectables online (mostly because I don’t want to open those floodgates and go broke from buying too many) It’s embarrassing but……it’s actually preferred if my future boyfriend likes that movie as well, because……………….just once……….I’d really like to go as Jack and Sally for Halloween. Ack. What am I. But rly i love this movie so much I can’t even explain.
(Some of my collection. Since this pic I got a couple other keychains and a Sally doll ^^)

Just as much as I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, I love cats. Even to the point of getting really emotional about them. I currently live with two cat children, Coco and Princess and back home I have one cat sister, Crinkle. I love cats so much. Another requirement to being my friends is…and I’m serious..you have to have at least some tolerance for cats. Because I’ll legit bring out photos of my cat kids to show you. Every time I see cats on the street I go to play with them and in my neighbourhood, I have a stray cat friend who I feed and play with sometimes.  In the future, I REALLY want a Russian Blue and….I really don’t want kids, just cats ㅠㅠ

10) Even though I love my friends, I really like being on my own a lot
Not all the time of course! But especially at night, I like taking long walks on my own through my neighbourhood and if I lived closer to the Han river, I’d love to go there at night to walk as well. There’s a park really close to my house, and at night I love going there to call my mom and play on the swings or just sit on the slides. There’s something really peaceful about being alone and having that time to think about the things that happened through your day and clear your head a bit. It’s actually one my my favourite things to do.


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