Things I love about Korea

Hi friends~
So I’ve been living in Korea for almost four years now~ It’s crazy to believe when I think about it and really, it doesn’t feel like it’s been four years.
While living here, I’ve encountered so many things that I love and cannot live without.
So here’s a (short?) list of my favourite things in Korea!

Convenience Stores.
You wouldn’t really think a convenience store is something to talk about but it is super convenient. In Trinidad, we don’t really have these, so it was completely new to me. You can go to these stores literally any time of day or night and have a full meal, PLUS dessert. Some also have pet food, basic cosmetic/hygiene products, chargers and even underwear, (which is strange to think of but, it’s convenient! )
If I had to be trapped somewhere during a zombie apocalypse, I’d choose a convenience store. Preferably GS25 haha


All you can eat buffets
I was never really someone who liked buffets, until I came to Korea. Two of my favourites are Sushi O and 착한돼지 (ChakHan Dweji, which translates to Kind Pig)
Sushi O is a really good sushi buffet with nearly every kind of sushi you can think of. Although the Tuna and Salmon sushi only come out near the end of the hour. So I’d say you have to time it right and ask if you can get seated nearer to the (usually left) inner corner of the restaurant, since it’s closer to the kitchen which means you get first pick at everything coming out! (Can you tell I’ve been there a lot?)


ChakHanDweji is a really good Korean Barbeque restaurant and my favourite location is in Sinchon. They have a really large selection of meats, from beef, pork, chicken, duck and even some seafood. Everything is unlimited, although you do have to pay a fee if you don’t finish all the meat you took and dining time is limited to 2 hours.

In the area where I live, there’s not a lot happening, it’s quite residential with a few coffee shops. But if you walk two streets away, you get to see and be part of the newly popular Yeonnam-dong park, the Gyeoungi line forest.
By day, you’ll see friends, families and couples walking along the stream, taking photos and having picnics. By night, the atmosphere is amplified, and the same picnics and walks get a bit more active. Throw in some singing and dancing busking performances, a few more friends and after work drinks from the convenience stores and you’re a part of the Yeonnam-dong nightlife.



Delivery + Korean Fried Chicken
The Korean fast food delivery system is amazing! Like anywhere else, you can get food delivered to your house really easily. When the restaurant delivers to your house, you get your meal in plastic bowls and plates, which you can eat from, and when you’re done, just place it outside your door and the delivery person will come back after an hour or so to collect the dishes. So with this, you literally do not have to worry about anything, except eating. But the most amazing part is getting food delivered no matter where you are. You can be on the beach, at a park, near a mountain and still get food delivered, you just have to tell the driver your location. I’ve done this so often now and it still amazes me.

One of the best things I’ve eaten in Korea is definitely fried chicken. It’s nothing like you’ve tasted before and probably my most favourite thing to eat. There are so many different flavour options and it’s so satisfying.  My favorites are regular fried chicken, Ganjang Chicken (간장치킨) and Garlic Chicken. So good!


Getting around in Korea is amazingly easy. All the subways and buses have Korean, English Chinese and sometimes Japanese so it caters to a lot of people. Not to mention, there’s a great subway app called Subway Korea for iphone and android  which makes it easy to use the subways. For buses, you can use Naver Maps or even just Google Maps to find buses. For 4,000KRW you can buy a rechargable “Tmoney” card to use on both buses and subways within Korea.



Korean  makeup and skincare is so big popular now, and I completely understand why. First off, the packaging is so cute for most things, but also, they’re just really good.  Aside from foundation, my daily makeup products are all Korean products. The quality is really nice, as well as there are so many unique products you can try that you’re sure to find something you’ll fall in love with kakaotalk_photo_2017-02-02-01-02-35_20


The people you’ll meet

Not to get too cheesy, but the best friends I’ve made are the ones I’ve met in Korea. Since moving here I’ve met people from all over the world and my best friends are from USA, Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Japan…everywhere. I’ve gained so much knowledge and gotten so many different points of view from these friends that I’ve grown so much as a person since meeting them. There are so many people from so many different countries here that it’s impossible to not make a few friends along the way.

Stay tuned for Korea blogs, I have some more reviews and tips coming soon!



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