Favourite Foundation : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Hi everyone~
I’m back with another makeup post, since I really wanted to introduce you to my favourite foundation that I’m using while in Korea.

My skintone is quite a lot darker than the range of makeup available in Korea. While I might be able to find something that’s a bit similar to my skintone in BB creams, they leave a greyish look, and not enough coverage.

So in my time here, I’ve tried a lot of foundations, and the closest match I got was from MAC, but it’s quite expensive, and I’m not sure if I want to spend that much on one single thing right now.

I used the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation years ago, and recently found it available in Korea on Coupang and bought it right away.

The main thing I love about this, is how light it feels, despite having full coverage. When I first tried this, I thought it might end up being cakey, or just feeling really sticky and shiny all day, but it dries to a nice matte finish.

Usually, I take a swipe and put it on my face in little dots and blend out with a fluffy foundation brush.
But honestly, if you wanted, you could probably apply with a sponge, or even your fingers and it would go on just fine as well. A little really goes a long way.

I would wear this the entire day and into the night and I’d only need a touch up on my nose, but otherwise it really stays matte for a long time. Even in humid summer weather, it’s light enough to wear without getting sticky or melting.

In winter, it doesn’t feel dry at all, but definitely stayed matte for much longer.

It doesn’t have much of a scent at all, just a light scent that I really can’t place. It’s definitely not any perfume, just a mix of the ingredients, but it’s completely unnoticeable.


I got mine in Medium 4 “Honey Beige”
My only complaint would be that, while it is a mousse, it’s a bit of a clumpy consistency, so when you take it out of the jar and you’re putting it on your face, sometimes tiny pieces of it would fall off whatever you’re applying it with. So just be careful if you’re wearing something that doesn’t hide stains well. If some clumps fall onto your clothes, you can just easily pick it off, just don’t rub or wipe it off.


It’s really cheap as well, (for me it was around 16,000KRW) so if you’re looking for a new foundation, I recommend that you give it a try!

Overall, definitely my favourite foundation and I’m so happy that I found it again!

See you next time!



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