Etude House : Drawing Show Liner

Hi everyone!
With midterms this week, my world has been so hectic and in between preparing for exams and final projects, I really haven’t been able to blog as much or as regularly as I wanted. I’m really sorry!
I’ve have a couple things lined up, so I’m a bit more prepared this time.
This week, I wanted to introduce another favourite eyeliner right now.
It’s the Drawing Show Gel Liner from Etude House


I first tried this back in 2013, repurchased a few times but, for no particular reason, it’s not something I had been using regularly since.
Recently I purchased it again and it made me really wonder, why didn’t I get it sooner?
It comes in this pink packaging, calling it a “creamy liner” but when you say creamy liner I don’t get the image of it staying very well, for a long time. But this is more like a gel liner in terms of long term wear.


Inside the package, you get the little pot of liner as well as a small brush.

The brush is pretty good. It’s a big cheap feeling but it’s great for basic eyeliner and since it has a cap, it’s really easy to take in your makeup bag without making a mess. But, when you’re at home I’d recommend using another brush if you want to get REALLY precise lines.
The pot is a pretty good weight and size. It’s not heavy, not does it feel really cheap and light.


I got it in BK802 블랙 더블샷 ( Black Doubleshot ) and, it really does seem like a “double shot” with how dark it is.
When you use the liner for the first time, one tip is to rub around the top layer, since when it settles, the top layer is a bit thin and not very pigmented. But after mixing around the top layer a little bit, you get a LOT of the liner on the brush

This one is really dark and it spreads really well.5



Lasting Power
When I look for a good eyeliner, one of my number one requirements is that I don’t need to re-touch it during the day, at all. And this one definitely fits that description. I’d put this on at 9am and get home around 10 and it would still be perfectly intact. There were even times I rubbed at my eye and barely anything came off, and nothing smudged at all on my eyelids.
I even put this on my waterline sometimes, and it lasts so much longer than a regular stick type liner.

*To take this off, now I’m using Etude House’ Pore Cleaning Wipes but really, any oil based wipes or remover will work, without much rubbing)

(Plus bonus cat photo)

Great pigmentation
Little goes a long way
Long lasting

Provided brush isn’t the best quality
Takes a few swipes in the pot before the proper colour is picked up


That’s all for this post!
I’ll be back soon with more makeup reviews!
See you next time



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