Genroku Udon : Sinchon

Hi everyone!
Happy Spring! Finally the weather has gotten a lot warmer lately and, I’m so happy that I don’t need a thick winter coat anymore.
Spring is such a great season! There’s nothing more I like doing than walking around and exploring new places and seeing new things.
Sometimes on my way home from school, I take the long route so that maybe I can stumble upon a place I’ve never been before.
Last week, I met my friend Natalie for lunch and she took me to this amazing udon restaurant in Sinchon called Genroku Udon (겐로쿠)



The entrance is absolutely beautiful. When you go to Genroku, you have to pass all of the busy streets of Sinchon and it’s in a small side street that’s really quiet and actually feels like quite the opposite of Sinchon._SAM0246

Inside the restaurant was probably my favourite in terms of the interior decorating.
It’s quite dark in terms of the colours inside, but there’s a lot of light coming through everywhere._SAM0241_SAM0240

Sorry, it’s not the best photo.
I ordered the 진도리 우동 and my friend ordered 카즈네 우동, both in regular size.

On the wall, they have the size of the bowls displayed, the regular option being the last of the three.  The size of the largest one is unbelievable!

The meal itself was really good and unlike a lot of other udon restaurants in Seoul.
The broth was really rich and had a strong black pepper taste, which I personally love.

In the one I ordered, the meat was really smoky, almost barbequed flavour and also the noodles themselves are very homemade and not at all heavy._SAM0233

Even though I ordered the regular size, it was quite a lot to finish and kept me really full for a long time.

When you order, you also get a pitcher of barley tea (I believe) which goes really well with the Udon._SAM0229

Overall, I am definitely impressed with this place and really look forward to going again.
The prices are really good and comparable to other restaurants in the area, the average meal costing around 7,000Won.

Genroku Sinchon branch opens from 11:30am until 9:30pm (Last order at 9pm)
To find it, exit Sinchon station exit 3 and walk straight until the road branches. Turn right (you’ll see a big wooden stage) and continue walking until you see a Dunkin Donuts and turn into that street. Genroku is there on your left, you can’t miss it!

You can find the following map on their website
Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.31.37 AM.png

That’s all for today.
It’s starting to rain a bit here, so everyone stay dry and safe.
Till next time



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