March Playlist

How is it already the end of March?
The year is going by so quickly!
So much has happened in this time, and it hasn’t been long since I started my blog, but I’ve learned so many new things that I can’t wait to share with you all.
So please stay tuned for better content and more updates!

On to the music.
This month has been pretty hectic, with the new semester starting and I’ve needed a lot of good music to keep me sane on the short yet frustrating commute to school.

Shawn Mendes;  Treat You Better
Oh man, this is the first song I listen to when I get out of the house. Even though the lyrics themselves are a bit sad, the song itself is really uplifting~

Plus a Korean singer I like covered this song recently. Check out VAV St. Van’s cover of Treat You Better!

Troye Sivan : Fools
This song, or most Troye Sivan songs will probably always be on my list. I love love love his songs and his lyrics are always on point. It’s another one of those contrasting songs, where the melody and the lyrics are a bit in opposite directions, but those are always my favourite types.

Zayn : Pillow Talk
This one, completely opposite mood in terms of music to the Shawn Mendes one I mentioned before, Plus Zayn’s voice is A+++++

Alter Bridge : Watch Over You
There are a lot of good memories ties to this song and when it came up on my playlist, all these memories came flooding back. It was just a good song to reminisce to~

B.A.P. : Wake Me Up
If you’re looking for a song to super charge your mood and give you all the energy and “I can do it” power then listen to this one. The song has an amazing “I can do anything” feel to it and really lifts your mood. It makes me want to smash car windows in and set fire to the city, BAP music video style, which isn’t encouraged but it’s just a good stress release via song. Tip: listen to this song when you’re running to catch the train or bus.

Justin Beiber : Sorry
Okay okay, I know it’s old but I’m just hopping on the Beiber train. I really like the music to this song and it’s really good when you’re in need of a dose of happy. I’m not really taking into consideration the lyrics, more overall beat to the song. It just makes me want to dance or jump around while walking so every time I listen to it, I haven to keep myself in check.

JJCC : 울지말아요/ Don’t Cry
OH MAN. So my favourite member of the group JJCC recently left for the mandatory military service and LEFT A BIG GAPING HOLE IN MY HEART. The members wrote this song for him and the fans and…the lyrics are just really beautiful and even though I want to cry every. single. time. I listen to it, it makes me happy because I get to remember all the happy memories. 오빠~~~나도 기다릴게~ 영원히 끝까지.

Hadleigh Wild: Heavy Water
If there’s any song you need to listen to on this list, it’s this one.
This guy is an amazing musician with so many good ideas and an amazing amount of motivation. In a word, this song is groovy and raw. It’s simple but impactful and it showcases his voice so well. He’s such an amazing guy and works so hard on his music, so please give him a lot of love and support, because there’s a lot to come from Hadleigh in the future.

(Follow Hadleigh Wild on Facebook )

And that’s it for this month! My music was quite varied but it was really nice to switch things up a bit~
I love finding new music, no matter the genre or singer, so if you have any song recommendations for April, let me know!

I’ll see you all soon!!


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