February Playlist


I’m back! And so sorry for the long wait in between blog posts!
I’ve been trying to organize my blog a bit more and plan future posts, so please stay tuned for that!

This month, I’ve been listening to a lot of old and new songs, both Korean and international songs and I thought it would be fun to share my favourites.

KARD : Oh NaNa
VAV : Dance With Me
Dreamcatcher : Chase Me
Crush : Beautiful
Kim Jaejoong : 지켜줄게 (I’ll Protect You)
Nell : Separation Anxiety
ZICO : Bermuda Triangle
Dean : Half Moon
BIGBANG – ‘에라 모르겠다(FXXK IT)
Dean : 풀어(Pour Up) ft. Zico
Troye Sivan : Fools
NCT DREAM : 마지막 첫사랑 (My First and Last)
NCT 127_無限的我 (무한적아;Limitless)

Out of these I definitely do have some favourites.
K.A.R.D. Oh NaNa is super upbeat and really good at making you feel super happy. Definitely not a sound that is heard a lot in kpop.

VAV : Dance With Me is a completely different sound from what we’re used to hearing from these boys, but it works so well. Sort of an older, classic feel to it. Plus they’re cute and really sweet.

Kim Jaejoong : I’ll Protect you has always been one of my favourite songs by him. I got to see him for the first time in January and I’ve been having a concert hangover ever since.

BIGBANG : FXXX IT: Can’t go wrong with a BigBang song. FXXX IT is just really really good. There’s literally nothing I can find that I don’t like about it and it’s been one of my favourites from the first time I heard it.

NCT DREAM : My first and Last. Now I’ll admit, at first I really didn’t like this one, maybe the sound was too cute for me, but I’ve been finding it stuck in my head so often now and you know what? It’s just a really good song. Cute, poppy and just really happy.

Check out playlist below on Youtube!


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