DIY Phone Case Cafe : DB Story

Welcome back!
Some time ago I went to a DIY phone case cafe in Hongdae called DB Story.

To be honest, at first I thought this sort of thing was a bit silly, since I tend to use really plain phone cases, but I changed my mind completely when I got there.

The cafe is a really good size, about 10 tables so on weekends it gets really crowded, but there is a waiting list you can put your name on and go back later. For us at 3pm on a Saturday, it took maybe 30-45 minutes for us to get called.

As soon as you walk in, you see the walls lined in shelves full of accessories you can use to decorate your case. First, you can pick out the base of your phone case.
While some phones may only have clear cases, other models have 3 to 4 different colours and variations.
_SAM0096 copy.jpg
Since it’s a bit difficult to put every case on the wall, if you can’t find yours,just ask the staff and they’ll find one for you.
You’ll also get a little tray covered in plastic (don’t take off the plastic though) so you can put your accessories on.

Next, you can go to the accessory wall and pick out the accessories you want for your case. The left wall, has cute plastic charms and character charms as well:
_SAM0097 copy.jpg

As well as inspiration you can use for your cases. I’m pretty sure you can buy these cases if you’d like

_SAM0098 copy.jpg

And on the opposite wall, you can find more intricate charms_SAM0090 copy.jpg_SAM0088 copy.jpg

And then in the final section, you can get “cuter” acrylic charms_SAM0086 copy.jpg

Finally, if you’d like you can get paint or glitter to add to your base
_SAM0094 copy.jpg

When you pay for your things, the staff will give you glue to use on your case.
The only small thing I don’t like about this place, is that all of the charms aren’t priced, so you’re kind of going into this without knowing how much you’re going to pay in the end, but you can estimate.
The acrylic ones are a bit less than the metal ones, and the ring holders would be more than the charms.
_SAM0101 copy.jpg

In total, the case plus all these accessories and paint cost me 13,000KRW.
If I bought this at a shop, premade, it would cost me at least double that, so it worked out really well!

I really regret not taking progress photos but this is what the finished product looked like!

I’m really happy with how it turned out.
These sort of cute phone cases usually aren’t my style but I really like it.

Another great thing about DB Story is that you can bring your own accessories with you. For example, you can buy the rhinestones at the cafe, but my friend brought her own so we shared that, and whatever you have left over, you can take it to use the next time you go!

I have to say, it was really a unique experience. I love crafts so to be able to go out, meet some friends and hang out while making something is a perfect day out for me.

I’m thinking of doing a series on unique cafes in Korea, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know ^^

Instagram @dbstorycafe
Exit 9 of Hongdae station.
Turn left until the “intersection” (by Innisfree) and take the street directly ahead of you. On your right you’ll see “Zoo Coffee” and take the street to the left of it.
Not too far away, in an alley on your right you’ll see DB Story and it’s on the second floor
Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.51.58 PM.png


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