Daily Skincare & Makeup

Welcome back!

Now I’ve been planning this post for quite some time and I’m really excited to finally start talking about the products I’ve been using.
The products I talk about are the ones that I religiously use daily, both skincare and makeup. There are quite a lot of Korean beauty products in this list, but I also included some western brands that I’ve used for quite some time and still love to this day.
So let’s jump right into it!


_SAM0110 copy.jpg
Ponds Deep Cleansing Black Pure Facial Foam : KRW 5,310
I’ve been using this since the summer and for those months it’s a really good product. The scent is very light and has activated carbon in it, to get rid of any dust and impurities in your skin. With it being pretty gentle, I had no breakouts after using it, however, it’s a bit drying, for me at least, so make sure you moisturize well after you use it.

LUSH Bûche de Noël / Angels on Bare Skin : US$12.95
If you read my LUSH Top 3  post, you know how much I love these two cleansers. Right now I’m finishing my Bûche de Noël but since it’s a seasonal product,  I’ll go for Angels on Bare Skin when it’s time to re-purchase. Bûche de Noël smells really nice, like a subtle fruit bread sort of scent and super gentle on your skin. It’s perfect for Winter since it’s really moisturizing and I’ve gotten quite a lot of compliments on my skin since I started using it.


_SAM0115 copy.jpg
Clean and Clear Essentials Moisturizer : KRW 10,400
I’ve been using Clean and Clear Moisturizers since I was a teenager and it’s my trusty sidekick in terms of moisturizers. It has never irritated my skin and does a great job no matter the season. It’s a very light moisturizer and barely has any scent to it and a little goes a long way.

Nature Republic : Real Nature Honey Ampoule : KRW 12,500 (On Sale)
THIS. Is hands down my favourite thing I’ve been using.
Since it’s winter, I was looking for something that would moisturize my skin quite a bit, but something I could use both during the day and at night and this is it. It’s a mix of an oil and an essence in terms of texture, not too sticky or oily. Usually during the day I put a light layer of this on with my moisturizer and at night I put a whole bunch on before I go to sleep. My skin feels super soft and very moisturized, so no complaints here!

Extra: Innisfree Firming Soybean Cream
I had this product some time ago, but have since ran out and using little samples of it I have left over. I believe they re-branded it now to the Soybean Energy Lotion so I’ll have to try this one out more in the future.


_SAM0117 copy.jpg
 Liquid Kamaflage by Sacha Cosmetics : USD $20.00
I know this says foundation, but I actually had to get my mom to buy it for me and send it, since it’s nearly impossible to find concealers here in Korea to fit my skin tone, unless I want to go for the high end Western brands but they’re so expensive! Turns out, she got me the foundation but to be honest, if you apply a light coat of it, it works the same as a concealer. As a concealer, this works great. I use two shades, Perfect Beige and Almond Beige because my skin is pretty discoloured. Really good, build able coverage and stays well all day.

_SAM0119 copy.jpg

KATE: Mineral Mask BB Cream : OC-D
: KRW 21,600
One of the hardest things for me to find, is a good foundation that matches my skin tone and the closest I’ve found is this KATE BB Cream, as well as the Powderless Liquid Foundation (Which I’ve used in the past and worked perfectly, but wanted to give the BB Cream a shot.) It’s one of those BB Creams that needs a second to sit to oxidize a bit but it fits you really well once you get the hang of it. Don’t put on a lot, since it would end up looking a bit lighter than you need it to and if necessary, you can mix this with a darker foundation to make it fit your skin tone better, since the formula is perfect for mixing.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse : Honey Beige
Another product I’ve used for a long time. As a mousse, it goes onto your skin really smoothly and blends really well. I’d actually just apply it with my fingers and gently go over it with a foundation brush to blend it into my skin a little bit better, but honestly you may not even need the brush. I found with this, I didn’t need as much concealer so this is more of my everyday foundation for when I’m in a rush and don’t have the time to do two steps.

_SAM0131 copy.jpg
Okay, forgive the packaging, but my eyeliners have been to hell and back because I use these things so much.
First up is my *new* favourite gel liner
Tony Moly Backgel Real Fit Waterproof Eyeliner : KRW 4,900 (On Sale)
I’m really picky when it comes to eyeliner, since doing my eyes is my favourite part of applying makeup. When I first tested it, the swatch stayed on my hand all day, through multiple washings. This thing does not move one bit, yet goes on really smoothly. By far my favourite eyeliner that I’ve ever used.

Maybelline Hypersharp Liner : KRW 14,400
Alright, I have to admit, I got sucked into buying this because CL endorsed it and I’ll buy literally anything she endorses. Seriously I would
But other than the fact that my favourite female singer in Korea endorses it, it’s one of my favourite liquid eyeliners I’ve used. The tip is super thin so you can do winged liner really easily and it lasts forever! I’ve had this one for..quite some time and it’s taken a beating so I’m so sorry for the condition of this in the photo ㅠㅠ
But yes, everyone please get this eyeliner.

_SAM0121 copy.jpg
To be honest, I don’t do a lot with my brows. They’re thankfully pretty thick so I only have to re-shape them when I accidentally tweeze too much from them. Otherwise, I only tint my brows a bit depending on my hair colour and lately I’ve been using the IDOL Brow Mascara from Aritaum #2 Natural Brown. You need to watch out when using this because a little goes a LONG way. It applies very pigmented, but lasts all day!

_SAM0120 copy.jpg
Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder KRW 6,000
First off this smells great! There’s a really light mint scent to it which I love! It’s only 6,000KRW but it’s comparable to the Makeup Forever Mineral Powder. I usually use this to set my concealer and dab a bit on my nose during the day when it gets a bit shiny and all around it works so well! I only apply it with a fluffy brush since i don’t want it to be too heavy.

_SAM0140 copy.jpg
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Okay, so I didn’t actually buy this one, my friend Jasmine gifted it to me but, WOW I’m in love. I always thought it was overrated and no eyeshadow palette could be that good, but I really love this palette. The colours in the Naked 3 are all the colours I use daily and you can do so much with them. They’re really buildable and work beautifully with a good primer.

Otherwise, I use from the Etude House Look at My Eyes line
_SAM0143 copy.jpg
GR708 (L) and BR425 (R). They’re pretty great eyeshadows but I’d recommend using your fingertips to apply them since they’re quite glittery.

_SAM0123 copy.jpg
Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint  : BK801 Vampire Red KRW 4,000
I have spent, so so long trying to find the darkest red lipstick / lip tint in Korean roadshop brands and this is the closest I’ve found. This thing stains a LOT which is great for a tint because it lasts a long time. It’s pretty dark on its own but I quite like putting it over another lipstick so that it stays a lot longer.

Tony Moly LipTone Get it Tint : 08 Red Light KRW 10,800
Not quite as red as the Etude House one but it’s a really nice real red colour. I’d say, between the two, this one doesn’t stay quite as long, but it has a nicer creamier formula, and this one is actually perfect for doing the gradient lips effect.

Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip : Trap
I got this one as a gift and I used it a lot during the summer. For me, it was a bit drying so before I applied this I would do a quick lip scrub and apply some vaseline on my lips for a little bit. I don’t use it on its own as much anymore, and instead I use it under the Etude House tint.

And that’s it!
I don’t use primers a lot and I never use lashes so I can’t properly recommend any of those, sorry!
I do have some other products that I use occasionally, but I wanted to highlight the ones I use on a daily basis and carry with me everywhere I go.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know. I’m always up for trying new products.

Until next time



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