Kim Jaejoong – The REBIRTH of J – Asia Tour Concert in Seoul (Day 2)

Hi everyone~!
So bear with me today as I shamelessly cry over a concert because I’m having a mix of “did it really happen?” and “can we have a day 3” feelings.

Quick backstory:
Kim Jaejoong is a singer in Korea and debuted at the end of 2003 with a group called DBSK/TVXQ. They continued to be one of the biggest groups in the k-pop industry and even moved on to promote in Japan as well, until a lawsuit with their company. This lead 3 members, Junsu, Yoochun & Jaejoong, to leave the company. After this, the three suffered from a ban that prevented them from appearing on broadcasts,  due to legal issues, which made it extremely difficult for them to promote themselves as JYJ. Despite this, they did well to promote their music and have even started some solo projects. Junsu does musicals (This man is AMAZING) Yoochun started his acting career and Jaejoong acted a few times, but focuses on his solo albums.

In 2015 Jaejoong enlisted into the military for Korean Mandatory Military Service, and was discharged at the end of 2016 and this is his first concert since then, and my first time ever seeing him!


I went to the show with Kelley and we bought tickets super late, which gave us really bad seats, but to be honest we didn’t want to spend the $130 to get floor tickets, so even though we were far away, at least we got to see him.

Inside the venue. (Pics and videos weren’t allowed, but most likely they’ll release a DVD. Or at least I can hope ㅠㅠ)


Set List (cr to

Opening VCR
One Kiss (WWW Album)
Opening Ment 1
LuvHolic (WWW Album)
KissB (Y Mini-Album)
Ment 2
Rotten Love (WWW Album)
Let The Rhythm Flow (WWW Album)
Drawer (NO.X Album)
Love You To Death (NO.X Album)
Ment 3
All I Desire (NO.X Album)
Run Away (NO.X Album)
Ment 4 + Dress Code (10 years)
All That Glitters (NO.X Album)
Breathing (NO.X Album)
Welcome To My Wild World (NO.X Album)
Good Luck (NO.X Album)
Good Morning Night (NO.X Album)
Ment 5
9+1# (WWW Album)
Mine (I/Y Mini-Album)

– Encore –
Love You More (NO.X Album)
Ment 6
Just Another Girl (WWW Album)
I’ll Protect You (Protect The Boss OST)
VCR (Butterfly)


I knew he was an amazing performer but I had no idea just how good he was.
First off, his singing sounded nearly exactly like the CD. and I can’t tell you how many times we both cried during the concert.
During his talk sessions, he joked that in the military the soldiers called him Captain America because of his body.
I mean…(photo credit as tagged)

The night before he was eating 삼겹살 (pork belly) with his friends and regretted it because he realized he had to take his shirt off for the performance.

Jaejoong joked so much with the reporters there, saying he recognizes some of them and called them out when he said they were on their computers or taking photos all the time, but he was in such a good mood and got them involved too which was really nice.

He said that his song, 원망해요 was written for his dog and of course no one believed him but he insisted it really was.

I have to say that during the middle part of the concert, everyone was really….calm. Everyone was just sitting and looking at him onstage and just taking everything in but during Good Morning Night, he had everyone jumping and got the energy of the show up.
It’s a high energy song, so at the end he sat onstage to catch his breath and the fans kept asking for an encore, so he ended up doing an encore of the Good Morning Night chorus…5 times. FIVE. It was great.

At the end, during the encore we held up this slogan for him as he was singing
“다시 함께 걷자” = Together, we’ll walk again
Meaning, We’re in this together / We’re here for you etc.

Sorry for the cat.


All the stuff I got. Kelley convinced me to buy the poster but..I don’t put posters up so sorry Jaejoong, you’re just gonna stay rolled up ㅠㅠ

Again. Cats .

We also got these photocards when we entered the venue

But guys, this was seriously unbelievable. I’d do this 10 times again, really.
There’s so much I want to say about it but to be honest, it feels unreal, like I just watched a DVD because there’s no way I actually saw this, right?
He’s such a nice person, and adores his fans so much and you can tell with the way he interacted with them. He joked saying “Oh, my fans say I’ve been your fan for the past 10+ years or so but….I’m married” and he said that happened so many times when he talks to his fans. But he was happy and encouraged fans to get married and have kids and bring them to concerts. He’s been doing this for so long but there’s not this air of arrogance or superstardom with him.

I already miss the show, and it’s not even 24 hours after I’m writing this.
I hope this year, he does a lot more music and a lot more concerts because, Kim Jaejoong is finally back!! Everyone, please support him a lot!!!

Enough with the fangirling.
New post tomorrow!!



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