Chelsea visits me in Seoul

♪♪ Now Playing: Kim Jaejoong – MINE ♪♪

A friend from home came to visit me from Trinidad!

Chelsea and I have been friends since form 1 of secondary school and she’s the only one who come to see meh cus allyuh cyah take a 20 something hour flight to Korea? steupssss dat makin any sense?

Thankfully 2004 was before everyone had camera phones so pics from then don’t exist. So let’s just go to 2008 ~ 2014

Cringes beyond understanding.

So while she was here, we went to some pretty cool places. I actually planned to vlog everything but, I was too cold to take my camera out while we were walking so…just photos ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ. I’m gonna be honest, I can’t remember all the timestamps of the photos so they’ll be in random order sorry!

On Christmas Eve, I took her to this fanmeeting for this kpop group Yuki, Chelsea, Becca and I like, called VAV.

New Years night, we went to Hongdae.. meant to go around 10pm but laziness set in and we headed out at 11:45…so we missed the fireworks at the park but got to see a pretty cool performance.  Wordpress won’t let me upload the video but you can check their facebook at: Jazzical Acoustics
On New Years day, we went to Jogyesa Temple and Gwang-jang Market for dinner!

Then..THEN. We stumbled upon the best place in the world. Guys….we went to a poop themed cafe in Insadong. POOP. THEMED. CAFE.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-01-17-15-43-02_78.jpegThese were the mugs we got our drinks in.
To be honest, it was pretty expensive for drinks in toilet mugs, and the coffee wasn’t great but it was brilliant for the fun factor of it.

And of course, we left our mark.
Chelsea and I have been drawing these little figures since we were in class together and…well..what better way to celebrate a reunion than drawing them again halfway across the world at a poop cafe. I’m the sheep one and she’s the potato one.
If you guys go to the cafe and see these drawings, please send me a pic!

Another day, we went to Chikalicious Cupcakes in Hongdae (blog up about that soon!)
I got the Nutella Cupcake and Chelsea got Earl Grey, Key Lime, Vanilla(?) and Christmas Special cupcakes! Chikalicious is seriously my favourite dessert shop in Seoul, and I 100% recommend it to anyone visiting!

Spent some time at Namsan Tower on a cold cloudy day, and Chelsea put a lock up there. Hopefully we can go find it next time she visits!

We also got tattoos together!
Done by the beautiful Mozzi at Studio Lucent in Hongdae! This is mine~
She’s incredibly detailed in her work and super sweet and friendly. Please support her a lot.

Mozzi언니가 진짜 착하고 타투 일할때 열심히 하는, 친절한 사람이에요~ 디테일 좋아요!! 여러분 Mozzi님에게 많이 응원해주세요~~

And now just a bunch of selcas we took with the SNOW app.

Thanks for visiting me!! I’ll come back and visit home as soon as I can. Until then, let’s meet somewhere else. Japan 2018?
Everyone else come visit me too!

Till next time

Completely forgot to mention we went to the COEX Aquarium. Basic stuff, fish, jellyfish, crabs etc, BUT THERE WAS THIS GUY


That’s really it for now.

See ya!


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