Hi everyone!
I’m SO sorry this post is a couple days late. I was trying to post regularly on a schedule but things got pretty hectic this week.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with coloured contact lenses. My mum has brown eyes and I’ve always been jealous because, well, my eyes are just basically dark brown almost back. So they’re not that interesting at all!
When I was 17 I believe, I got my first pair of (non prescription) lenses, in this super light brown which freaked my dad out a lot actually, since they looked SO unnatural. I couldn’t order them online so I was left with a really bare collection of lenses.

Fast forward to 2013 when I moved to Korea and had a much wider selection of lenses to choose from, most of which look a lot better than the ones I had back then.

My favourite place to go is definitely O-Lens, and they have shops all across Korea.
(Photos of the store are from the O-Lens official website)

On the walls, they have the more high quality, longer lasting lenses, which are mostly prescription (but you can definitely get them non prescription, it just depends on if they have them in stock)  as well as in the glass cases near the cashier.

eb3ee8188c96305d5a538ee6d191d591 (1).jpg

Usually, I go for the cheaper soft lenses, since I don’t use them every day and I don’t want to spring the money for the expensive ones, since I don’t actually need them to see haha.

Since my eyes are so dark, I’ve had a problem for quite some time trying to find ones that would show up on my eyes. The store actually has these fake eyeballs that they test the individual lenses on so you can see what it would look like when you wear them.

Right now, I have Blue, Grey, Brown and a Greenish-Grey.

From top they are
Fresh Brown,
Bella Green
Fresh Grey

The blue lens doesn’t seem to be on their website but the closest I found to it is, Aquamarine
Now, since these are the cheaper lenses, it’s not really recommended to keep these for a long time, but you can extend the life of them a bit by making sure you clean them properly every time you use them. I also don’t leave them in for very long, maybe a few hours of half a day. Take care of your lenses! Even though they’re the cheaper ones (ranging from 7,000won to 15,000won, they’re really comfortable and don’t irritate your eyes.)
You also get really cute cases and a free bottle of saline solution (not always though)KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-01-13-19-59-55_78.jpeg

When you shop there, you can create a membership account where you collect points and eventually can get a discount, or even free lenses when you get your card stamped.
4th pair of lenses get you a 10% discount
8th pair gets you 20% discount
12th pair gets you a free pair of lens, within a certain price range.

My favourite locations are the Sinchon and Hongdae stores. The employees are always so friendly and helpful and definitely know their stuff. They also don’t try to force you into buying more than you want or buying the expensive lenses.

Contact Info:
Sinchon (서울특별시 서대문구 연세로 19 )
Get out of Sinchon at the Hyundai Department store at the big red tube and walk straight towards the Missha. It’s right there near the Yankee Candle store. (as of Jan 2017)

Tel: 02-338-3121

Opening Hours: 10:00~23:00

Hongdae (서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로2길 24 1층)

Out of Hongdae exit 9 and walk straight to the big intersection by McDonalds. Cross the street near Forever 21 and Tony Moly and walk up the big street (usually super crowded with lots of clothes stores) and keep going until you see another intersection with Etude House and Aritaum. Keep going straight until the road splits into a “Y” and take the right street and it’ll be just down the road from there. (as of Jan 2017)
Tel: 02-324-8862
Opening Hours: 11:00~23:00
KakaoTalk : olens015
Instagram: @olens015
*These directions may change as time goes on since so many stores in Korea open and close so frequently. If it changes, I’ll update them to the new locations and directions.
That’s all for today!
Feel free to leave a comment or message if you have any questions.
Till next time

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