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Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a good New Years Celebration. I celebrated by watching some street performances and then coming home to the cats. Perfect way to celebrate to be honest 😀

Anyway, for quite some time I’ve been a fan of LUSH and have been trying a bit of their products after I moved to Korea since there’s no LUSH in Trinidad.
I’ve tried their lotions, masks, face washes, lip / body scrubs, hair products and soaps.
Out of those, I have three favourites that I can see myself using for a really long time!

Dream Cream

I think this was the first product I ever bought and I’ve been using it ever since.
From their website:

What makes Dream Cream so effective? It contains every ingredient nature makes for soothing sore skin! One of our proudest product achievements ever, we love this body lotion because it makes people happy. The calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile goes to work soothing sensitive skin. Olive oil and cocoa butter are perfectly suited and incredibly effective for dry or chapped skin, and are especially gentle for even the most sensitive types. Do your skin a favor, treat it right with Dream Cream.

I love lavender scented things so this was perfect for me. The scent isn’t too strong but it definitely stays with you for a long time. Super moisturizing but not greasy. I actually even use this a little during the summer. But I recommend using it some time in advance so it soaks into your skin before you go out.

Rub Rub Rub

I ran out of Rub Rub Rub and have to re-purchase, so I apologize for not having my own photo. The ones above are from LUSH’s website.

Rub Rub Rub is a sea salt body scrub and it smells amazing! It has a really nice jasmine and citrus scent to it and it makes your skin super smooth.

Halfway between a scrub and a shower gel, this delicately scented wash gives you the best of both worlds. Fine sea salt gently exfoliates and leaves you smooth as can be, while fresh lemon juice and lemon oil brighten skin. The soft floral scent of mimosa, jasmine and orange flower will keep you coming back for more, but it’s subtle enough that it won’t compete with whatever perfume you choose to wear. Scrub a dub dub!

It’s not too harsh but works amazingly and gentle enough for maybe every other day, if you’d like. Sometimes, if I just wanted a mild scrub with the scent, I’d mix a bit in with my regular body wash, because I’m seriously addicted to this scent. The only problem I had with this was storage since it turned liquid-y really quickly, but at that time I had no window in my bathroom so it was really humid all the time, which I’m guessing was the problem. I have to re-purchase Rub Rub Rub, so I’ll try different storing methods for this one next time.

Bûche de Noël

kakaotalk_photo_2017-01-03-23-00-36_86 I should have taken this photo when I first got it, but I promise, it’s usually in a pretty roll shape, wrapped in seaweed.

By far. Hands down my favourite cleanser ever. But once again, it’s limited and can only get it during Christmas! I’m so upset!?!?!

Made for your face or body, the mighty Bûche de Noël is loaded with festive ingredients including satsumas, cranberries and a drop of brandy. This fresh cleanser helps bring back radiance to dry, wintry skin with finely ground almonds, kaolin and fruits that gently buff and clean, while cocoa butter softens the skin and balance is restored thanks to fragrant essential oils.

First off, it doesn’t really smell much like anything in particular, just a slight almond scent. There’s brandy, but not enough to make it smell strongly of that.
All you do is take a piece off, wet it slightly, rub it between your fingertips and rub onto your face. Or what I usually do is instead of rubbing it into a paste on your fingertips I just rub it directly onto my face. It definitely takes some getting used to since it’s a dry cleanser but within a short amount of time my skin improved so much. It got so much smoother and clearer.
Since it is seasonal, during the rest of the year Angels on Bare Skin is very similar!

Other products I like:

Grease Lightning : I tried Grease Lightning back when my skin condition was pretty bad. It’s a tea tree and aloe gel and it helps a LOT with acne. I would dab a bit on before going to sleep and in the morning my acne was noticeably reduced and less red. The reason why I never bought this again was simply because I didn’t need it, but if you have acne prone skin I definitely recommend trying it!

Christingle is the newest product I’ve bought from LUSH and I’m pretty happy with it so far.Sadly this is a seasonal product so you won’t be able to buy it all year round. (So I got the biggest jar of it) I admit, it takes some getting used to but it’s the perfect thing for winter. After showering, rub Christingle into your skin, rinse off and pat dry. It feels a bit greasy at first, but after a few minutes the oils soak in and your skin feels so soft and smooth! It has a strong menthol smell to it but there’s also grapefruit so it’s a really great mix. I haven’t used it for long, but I really like it so far and a little goes a long way!

Salt and Peppermint Bark : Another seasonal product, but one definitely worth mentioning. I bought this one on a whim, purely because it looked pretty but was really surprised at how well this worked. It smells really candy cane-y but not overpowering. Since it’s a solid shower scrub it works really well when you’re using it and stays together but maybe by the 4th or 5th time you use it, it starts falling apart. So I just crushed it up and stored it in an old LUSH pot and used it as a regular shower scrub and it still worked just as well!

I haven’t used many bath bombs, since I don’t have a bathtub but hopefully I can use them in the future.
There are some other products I have tried, but they didn’t have a huge impact on me. As for face masks, there are definitely some I have my eye on but haven’t been able to purchase them yet.
(LUSH is so expensive in Korea!!!! So I’ll wait until I go to Japan or my friends come to visit from Japan, since it’s a lot cheaper if you buy it there.)

That’s it for today! I’m going to try to post more regularly from this year, at least once a week! So stay tuned!



8 thoughts on “LUSH Top 3

  1. I recently bought Dream Cream and I’m loving it already. I love that it is also a great hand cream and that it doesn’t make you feel all sticky after applying it. It’s got a lovely, subtle scent that I know I won’t get tired of and a little really goes a long way. My personal favorites are from their skincare line: Herbalism, Tea Tree water and Mask of Magnaminty (Coalface as a bonus). Lovely blog by the way.

    Would you be interested in writing/sharing a couple of articles on I’d love to see more if this kind of content on the platform as we continue to branch out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


    1. Thank you for visiting! I’m really glad to hear that you liked coalface. I never thought to try it, but I’ll look into it!
      I would love to write and share some articles! I’ll send you an email soon. Thanks again!

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