Bye 2016

Hi everyone~
So, we’re at the end of 2016, and while it hasn’t been the greatest year, quite a lot of great things happened personally. 2016 was definitely a difficult year, but it taught me a lot about myself and has definitely given me enough fuel to get through and work harder in 2017.

Started off the year by watching the first sunrise at the Han River

In 2016, I started University in Korea! As I mentioned before, I transferred to uni here and to be honest, I was never sure if I would graduate or not. There have been so so many difficulties but it definitely made me learn a lot of tolerance and perseverance. It also helped me to improve my Korean so much, since my classes are taught in Korean.

Concerts / Music / Shows / Etc.
Oh man I’ve done a lot of these things this year.
You guys might know I like the group JJCC. I went to their schedule in the southern city, Tongyeong, and to their guerilla performance in Hongdae.

Also, thanks to them, I got to see a Dream Team recording.
We also went to see them at Lotte Night Party, which was so much fun.
I also went to Japan with Yuki and Becca to see their Japanese debut and Japanese comeback promotions, which was so much fun!( I’ll talk more about that in the travel section.~) And went to their Korean comeback promotions for their song 오늘 한번 (ToDay) and their Debut Anniversary fanmeeting!

Besides JJCC, I also went to see VAV, a group which my friends and I also like and went to their comeback showcase and promotions for Brotherhood and No Doubt, as well as their Christmas Fanmeeting, fansignings and Halloween event.

SHINee! I missed seeing these boys so much and I was finally able to go to see them. I sadly didn’t get tickets to their concert so I saw them at a big kpop festival in August! Also they randomly showed up at my uni.

Yuki and I also did our first dance cover, for a JJCC contest, which I will never forget. Mostly because it’s so embarrassing and it’s burned into my mind to be honest. But from that we won a calendar signed by the members!

Seoul Fashion Week!
My first time attending Seoul Fashion week was incredible. My friend and I went to Greedilous’ show and I’m really jealous of the models because I loved the outfits from this collection.

Saw a baseball game.
Okay…so I really went to see JJCC perform for like 3 minutes at a baseball game but it was actually pretty cool! I had no idea what was happening but yo the cheering was insane! I loved it!KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-31-17-56-52_43.jpeg
This year, as mentioned I went to Tongyeong, which is a city in the South Gyeongsang province and is near the ocean. During our visit there was a festival with a lot of fireworks.

Busan! On our way to Osaka, Yuki and I stopped off in Busan for a day. To be honest, Busan is one of my favourite places in Korea, and while there were a lot…a LOT of things that went wrong on our way there, it felt really good to be back in Busan for a little bit.

Osaka! Seriously guys, I love Osaka so much. This year, I’ve been lucky to have visited twice, in May and November. While there, we ate so much good food, saw a lot of beautiful places, and just relaxed a lot with our friends, who took us in and showed us around.
ありがとうございます ^^ Read about it here and here

We went to Jeju in September for a quick weekend trip and I would love to go again so I could explore a bit more. Jeju was absolutely beautiful. The people were so nice and so welcoming and it feels so relaxing to be there. Even though we didn’t spend a long time there, it was a really great experience.
(Also my first time having such bad turbulence that the plane drops a bit omg)

Trinidad & Tobago
For the first time in nearly 2 years I went back home for a quick visit. The last time I went was in 2014 so it had been way too long since I visited. It felt great to be reunited with my friends and family and settle back into my old routine for a little bit. Both my grandparents had been sick for quite some time and still are, so I was happy to be able to spend some time with them. My grandpa and I had afternoon tea together just like old times. Seriously guys, aside from my parents, my grandpa is one of the people responsible for me being in Korea. He encourages me so much and still pushes me to reach to my goals so it was so refreshing to see him again.
I met my secondary school friends again and took a solo beach trip with my cousins, which was much needed.

I adopted my baby Coco. She’s literally me in cat form and I love her so much…and so does Becca’s cat Princess. Princess treats Coco like her own baby so it’s good that they have each other. Follow Coco on Insta! : @cocothecat417

I got to be an extra in a music video and drama! It’s literally just a scene where I’m walking in the background but how cool! Being on set definitely makes you appreciate how hard the actors, singers and especially their staff works. (Sorry, pics weren’t allowed so can’t show you but I promise it was really cool!)

Started learning Japanese. Okay. This semester I started learning Japanese at Uni and… really wasn’t the best situation and I failed the class. So I’m going to keep studying it on my own and I’ll re-take the class another semester. But I had so much fun learning and can’t wait until I can carry on a proper conversation in Japanese.


So many things happened this year and there’s probably a lot I’m forgetting but these were the things that had the biggest impact on me.
Personally, I have grown so much and finally have some direction in my life. It’s been tough but I can definitely see better things happening next year. Thanks to everyone who made this year great. Let’s meet in 2017!


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