Seoul One Piece Cafe

Hi Everyone!
Last week, the One Piece themed cafe opened in Hongdae and today I was finally able to go with my friends!


Since it’s still really new, we waited in line for around 30 minutes before we could get in. It was freezing…so so so cold!!!! Although I’m sure within the next month or so, the hype would die down and the wait shouldn’t be so long.

From the outside there’s a takeout window where you can order or you can go inside and order drinks and food you can have while in the cafe.
Inside the cafe, while ordering:KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-23-16-16-20_88.jpegAt the registers, they have Devils’ Fruit cakes you can buy, but they’re KRW 40,000.
I’m honestly couldn’t get myself to pay that much for it though ㅠㅠ


After going upstairs, you’ll find the main cafe area with tons of figures from the series.

The drinksKakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-23-16-16-26_53.jpeg

We ordered the 상디 휘즈 , 밀짚모자유자 와 애플티 상디의 브레이크아이스티
(Sanji fizz, Citrus and Apple Tea & Sanji Flake Ice Tea)
I thought the Citrus Apple tea would be a bit more like cider, but it was really just some citrus tea (유자차) with an apple flavoured teabag in in, so I was a little bit disappointed in that.

Also got the Curry Bread (상디의 디아블 카페빵) and Chopper Castella (초파 카르텔라).
They were amazing though!
*If you don’t like sweet red bean paste, don’t get the Castella since it’s filled with it. But it’s really mild so I liked it a lot.KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-23-16-16-24_50.jpegKakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-23-16-16-27_81.jpeg

To be honest, the cafe was nice, but it wasn’t as mindblowing as I expected. I thought it would be decorated a bit more and would go along with more of a One Piece theme, but it felt a bit like a collector’s museum of sorts, with the figurines in a big glass case.
At the back corner of the cafe, there’s One Piece playing on a big projector on the wall and manga which you can read while there.

When leaving, you exit down these stairs and directly into the gift shop, which we weren’t allowed to take photos in, sorry guys  ㅠㅠKakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-23-16-16-31_96.jpegKakaoTalk_Photo_2016-12-23-16-16-33_2.jpeg

Overall, it was a pretty cool experience. It’s a bit crowded and not much seating. They had two big tables 4 smaller ones and one desk facing the window. While we were there, since it’s so packed, they said we had a 20 minute limit before leaving, so I would say after the next month or so they would skip over that rule and just let you stay. The drinks and food we got were so good though!
That being said, I really wouldn’t mind visiting again. Since there are a couple more things off the menu I’d like to try.

Opening hours 10am – 10pm.
Directions, Hongdae Station exit 9
Walk straight until the intersection and the McDonalds and turn into the street on your left. Past H&M, Subway, Juicy juice store and Holly’s Coffee. When you’re at the end of the street facing the University, do not cross the street, turn left until you get to Starbucks and the cafe is directly behind it.




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