Osaka 2016/11

Finally back to Osaka!
From my last post, I’ve mentioned how much I love visiting Osaka and this is the third time I’ve been. Luckily, from the last time I knew what to expect so this trip went a bit smoother than the last to be honest.

This time, instead of Peach airlines, I took EastStar which was insanely cheaper than Peach. A round trip ticket from November 18th – November 22nd cost 187,000KRW and included checked bags. Definitely going to fly with them the next time.

15036383_10154894755444835_1072630147049828740_n (1).jpg

The plane was pretty roomy for a budget airline and the seats were more comfortable than I expected! Luckily, EastStar flies to and from the main terminal at Kansai so the line wasn’t as long as the Peach terminal.

Of course the first thing I do….


At the airport, there are so many restaurants and I regret not taking more photos inside, but there’s quite a lot to do and see there.

This time, we stayed at Hotel SunPlaza. To be honest…..if you’re there for maybe one night it’s okay but I don’t recommend it at all.

The room was okay, enough for two people but the shared bathrooms were really uncomfortable to use. Especially when you’re brushing your teeth and some guy walks in to pee and just stands there doing his business. How is that okay?? I’m embarrassed for you?!?!?! There was a women’s only public shower though.  There was also a coin shower but honestly, it looked so sketchy and disgusting.

On Saturday and Sunday, I met with some friends who I haven’t seen in so long! And later in the day we went to a couple shows by this kpop group we really like called JJCC, who had their Japanese comeback during the time we were there.

ㅋㅋㅋ 인증 샷! Find me!


The shows in Japan were a lot different from their shows in Korea, but it was overall a lot of fun and I was really happy to be able to support them in Japan as well.
(everyone please give them a lot of love. They’re really, really sweet guys.
Here’s their comeback MV for FREEDOM)

That night we all went out for Okonomiyakki and if you go to Osaka, it’s one of the must try’s when looking for something to eat. It takes quite a while to get prepared so if you’re absolutely starving, I’d say get an appetizer or a quick snack before.


We pretty much sat there for a couple hours and talked and my friends tried to teach us the PPAP dance…..which i still haven’t gotten the hang of, despite it being stuck in my head 24/7.
Later that night, we went walking around Dotonbori and just took everything in. Dotonbori has a completely different feel during the day and the night; during the day it’s a nice, quiet area to relax but at night the clubs are open and EVERYONE is out.


The next day, we went over to Kyoto and Ibaraki for, again, another performance and it was a bit bittersweet since it was the last performance for their tour ㅠㅠ
BUT on the way, we took a taxi to the venue and man, Japanese taxis are nice. Super comfortable but….expensive ㅠㅠ

After we were finished, we went eating again, but this time we went for dinner and had Ikizukuri, Chicken Karaage, a couple different soups and a couple other things I can’t remember. To be honest, my friends just ordered and I ate whatever was in front of me haha. I was really freaked out by the Ikizukuri, since only after I had started eating I realized it was still moving. Not the best sight and I feel a bit guilty but…it was really delicious ㅠㅠ



Monday was our final day and decided to do some last minute shopping in Nanba and Dotonbori.
I FINALLY got to go to LUSH. In Korea everything at Lush is so expensive but in Japan it was nearly half the price. Sadly, I didn’t go as crazy as I expected I would have. Became a responsible adult?

Afterwards, we went over to Dotonbori again so I could go to Don Quijote to buy souvenirs and snacks!


This time, we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, but as cheesy as it sounds, being with my friends made the trip so much fun. I haven’t laughed as much as I did that weekend in such a long time, and despite not speaking the same language, we got our thoughts across and made our friendships even stronger.


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-11-24-22-44-40_62.jpegI can’t wait to go back! Hopefully the next time I go to Japan, I’ll be in Tokyo!

Until then



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