I love practicing photography and since being away from home I’ve been practicing a lot more and have been getting a lot better. I love anything with the moon, stars and space in general and I’ve been reading a lot on how to photograph them.


Tonight there was the “supermoon” so I tried to take some photos of it, but it was really hard without a tripod. (I sort of awkwardly was half balancing on a wall when it’s cold out so it was hard to not shake because of lack of balance and the cold ㅠㅠ )

Anyway, here’s one picture of it.

_DSC8057 copy copy.png
Also followed by some photos of the stars I took when I was in Trinidad earlier this year.


Guys, taking these were so difficult. It took my dad and I nearly 2 hours to figure out the camera settings and where to set up the shot but for my first attempt I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! In the future, I really want to find somewhere while I’m in Korea to work on these photos a bit more~!

The sites I used for help
1) petapixel
2) photographylife
3) improvephotography
If you have any tips or additional resources please let me know!





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