Monster Cupcakes: Hongdae

_DSC0026 copy

I’ve had my eye on this place for some months now but I never actually visited before, since it’s really difficult to find really nice cupcakes here in Korea. Finally a couple days ago, I decided to go in and I promise you it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

First off, there are halloween decorations everywhere: giant fake spiders, pumpkins, a huge ET out front….Jack and Sally dolls
_DSC0006 copy

Seriously, show me anything from the Nightmare Before Christmas and I’ll stay.

On to the cupcakes:

_DSC0013 copy

_DSC0016 copy

_DSC0003 copy

Choices: Lemon, Vanilla, Mocha, Mint, Tiramisu, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon & Red Velvet

_DSC0024 copy

I ended up getting the Tiramisu cupcake and it was really, really good.
The little RIP cookie at the top had a bit of a cinnamon and nutmeg in it and was really chewy and the little green bits of “grass” were slightly minty. The cupcake itself was really soft and light; it was mostly the icing with all the flavour which was probably a good idea or else it would have been too strong.

Prices range from   ₩4,000 to  ₩5,000 and they’re open every day except Mondays.
Also, if you’d like to have your cupcakes customized for order, you need to place orders 3 days in advance.

They have two locations:
Itaewon – 02-790-1108
Hongdae – 02-338-1109

Make sure you pick up a card from their shop and have it stamped, since every 10th cupcake is free!


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